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Protect your cars resale value

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Protect your cars resale value

Mirela Lukacevic

We all know the saying, " your car drops in value a soon as you drive out of the dealership". So, whether you purchase a brand new car or a used car, here is our guide on how to protect the value of your used car on the Costa del Sol.

Keep it tidy, clean & maintained
Keeping your new car in great condition might be obvious advice to improve its resale, yet judging by many new-ish vehicles we see on the road, it´s obvious that this advice is not always followed. It´s difficult to avoid knocks from doors in car parks (especially around Malaga), though you can help avoid scratched wheels by parking clear of kurbs. Especially critical is maintaining an up-to-date log book to prove your cars servicing history.

Regular maintenance and check-ups are necessary. The schedule depends on driving conditions and other factors. We always recommend a service on our vehicles every 10.000kms. Regular on time maintenance will help keep your vehicle in good health and money in your pocket over the long run.

Tyre pressure is another important maintenance item. If neglected, low tyre pressure can affect tyre performance and safety. Also, properly inflated tyres can improve petrol consumption. So always keep your tyres properly inflated.

Other regular servicing recommendations include changing air filters and various fluids at set intervals.

And remember to always keep records of your repairs and maintenance.

Protect its appearance
While we love the weather here on the Costa del Sol, the heat and sun are excruciating to cars, so, where possible try to keep your car garaged or in a shaded area. By storing your car inside in a climate controlled environment, you can help avoid costly and unnecessary repairs in the future.

If you have no option but to leave your car in the sun, we strongly recommend you purchase a windshield sun visor to keep the heat off the dashboard and interior. Direct sun on the dashboard can lead to cracking which can be extremely costly to repair.

Keep it clean
Even if you wash and detail your car frequently, it won´t matter much if you treat it like a cafeteria or designed smoking area. Avoid eating and drinking inside your car even on long distance road trips. Don´t smoke and don´t allow anyone else to smoke in your car. Spills, cigarette smoke and stains can ruin the inside appearance and smell of your car and lower its resale value.

To keep the cars paint in good order, we recommend you give the car a hand wax every 2 months. The wax will give the car a new shine and leaves a protective layer to protect the paint from the sun and bird droppings.

Remember to try and avoid parking under trees as bird droppings will penetrate through the paint of your car.

Opt for longer/extended warranties
Buying a car with a warranty longer than the three-year industry average will help boost its value as it provides used-car buyers with some assurance, whereas they may otherwise be concerned about potential bills. All our vehicles come with a 12 month / 30.000kms warranty. For extended warranty options, we work with third party warranty suppliers such a RPM Garantie

Looks matter, so pick at good colour
Whether human or machine, first impressions are lasting. Red, white, black and silver will always be ´safe´colours to choose, though only distinctively trendy hues that can date quickly are likely to significantly adverse your cars resale value. A unique colour might actually help in some cases if it was limited in production or associated with particular performance models.

And...remember to enjoy your new car. In most cases it can be the second biggest purchase you make, so make sure you enjoy it, but also look after it.